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A Trip Down Memory Lane...

It’s the little memories that last a lifetime, which is why we’re sharing our favorite stories, with you.

My First Love

I love McPatty burgers! They have provided our town with the best burgers this side of the Mississippi. My folks will say that it’s my first love, so it’s only right that I met my fiancé, proposed and had our afterparty at McPatty’s. We should all support our local businesses.

Favorite Taco Stand

Long story short, our family moved from California for my job a while back but we were extremely homesick. We missed the beautiful weather, the people and of course those tacos. How lucky for us that we found this little gem in the middle of Wyoming called “Guerrero Tacos” to help us get through the move.

Our Escape

We have a great group of friends, so even though we all live in different parts of the country we all meet up yearly at a Joe’s Stone Cold Crabs in South Beach, Florida. The memories we have captured there are enough to fill a book! Very lucky to have great friends and Joe’s Stone Cold Crabs.

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