Isaac Angulo’s Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Fund

Isaac has been suffering from Multiple Sclerosis for the past 7 years, a condition that has gotten progressively worse over the course of time. He no longer has the ability to stand or walk on his own, and suffers from diminishing eyesight, muscle spasms, limited speech, and difficulty breathing. Despite everything, Isaac is an absolute light and source of positivity to those around him. Isaac has recently been accepted for a stem cell treatment procedure run by a clinic in Las Vegas which has shown very promising results in the form of radical healing for patients with severe cases of M.S. The funds from the fundraiser would go towards his stem-cell treatment. He hopes that one day he can return to doing the things he loved such as winter sports, playing music. pursuing relationships across the world, and to return to China, where he feels called to continue to teach English and pursue his career as a sales representative at a trading company. Any donations or prayers are greatly appreciated!



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